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Wait and See approach for compliance of Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast


In aviation industry, ADS-B is the hottest and important topic now a days. ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast. ADS-B system is both automatic and dependent as when considering its automatic functionality, it responds without any interrogation made and for that it is dependent on aircraft position, among other data, for surveillance by ATC and other aircraft.

It is different from secondary surveillance radars as the aircraft data is updated frequently because it broadcast every second. Installation of ADS-B is greatly influenced by the system already installed in the aircraft. For the base equipment usually, a transponder and GPS sensor is needed in order to determine the three positions accurately. ADS-B transmits the data related to dimension of aircraft, position, velocity and baro altitude. Other factors included in transmitted data are pilot- entered Mode A code, assigned 24-bit address, measure of aircraft weight. The data-rich ADS-B transmissions enable ATC controllers to see who, where, what and how they need to control air and airport traffic with greater precision and shorter latency than ever before.

A strong mandate for ADS-B is a long way out. There is some usefulness to the system, but it is not necessary right now. People just need to focus on the ADS-B mandate right now. ADS-B Out is mandated, and only within the certain airspace. ADS-B Out works by regularly broadcasting position, velocity, and identification information to ATC and other aircraft, to improve situational awareness at all times — on the ground and in the air.

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