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Textron to build test and measurement equipment for systems designed to detect and jam IEDs


INDIAN HEAD, Md. Textron Systems Corp. Electronic Systems segment in Hunt Valley, Maryland, is to provide test and measurement equipment to validate the performance of equipment designed to jam RF and microwave signals that detonate improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

texThe company will produce the AN/GLM-11 universal test set for IED jamming systems and also provide an AN/GLM-11 engineering services & program and configuration management. The AN/GLM-11 is a portable, battery-powered, programmable, ruggedized RF test system designed to validate IED jamming equipment. The unit provides in-field testing for warfighters employing IED jammers prior to departure, Textron officials say.

The AN/GLM-11 system executes preprogrammed test sequences that replicate threats and measures expected jammer responses. These measurements use the build emitter, build measurement, and build sequence applications of the AN/GLM-11.

An operator display on the AN/GLM-11 automatically provides the operator with go/no-go test results. Under a password option, advanced users also can call up a spectral display of the jammer response.

The AN/GLM-11 can test many communications and communications-jamming systems deployed worldwide, Textron officials say. It has a frequency range sufficient for current and future counter-radio-controlled IED electronic warfare (CREW) jammers, officials say.

The unit’s stimulus modulation can provide continuous wave; AM and FM; amplitude-shift keying; phase-shift keying; frequency-shift keying; minimum-shift keying; and Gaussian minimum-shift keying waveforms, and can modulate the carrier signal with dual-tone, multi-frequency, tone, digital code, and arbitrary waveform.

The AN/GLM-11 uses timing protocol to determine operational status of the unit under test, and can measure and analyze background electromagnetic environments simultaneously. Users can program the unit in the field with laptop computers or external memory modules.

The unit runs on a rechargeable BB-5290 battery, and can operate continuously for eight hours between battery recharging. It has a sunlight-readable and night-vision-compatible display, and operates in temperatures from -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The AN/GLM-11, which can be transported aboard commercial aircraft, measures 7 by 14 by 9.5 inches, and weighs less than 12 pounds, Textron officials say.

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