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Simulator manufacturer Zen Technologies serving all defence wings


Hyderabad-based , which designs, develops and manufactures a range of training simulators from firearms to high-end tanks and artillery, is looking at expanding its overseas markets. In the next 3-4 years, the company sees its overseas business taking over the domestic revenues.

Zen is supplying insulators to Nigeria, Egypt and many other countries. The central government is pushing for exports. The company is competing against world’s largest players in this segment. Zen is serving all the defence wings- Army, Navy and Air Force. It is finding Middle East and Africa attractive. Within India, the company serves Indian army and all the State Police Departments and Central Police Organisations such as CRPF and BSF in the country.

Ashok Atluri, chairman and managing director, Zen Technologies, told Telangana Today, “We are operating in India which is seen worldwide as the toughest market. Indian end-user expectations are very high and stringent and if we survived the trials here, we will survive anywhere in the world.”

“We are asking the customer to identify and define their problems and are offering to provide combat training centre, not product-wise simulators. We will create a solution for the specific problem they have. If it’s a war-like scenario or a terrorist-like situation or an internet threat, the combat training centre can rain the fresh recruits. We have a wide range of simulators and are able to cater the nation’s needs,” he said.

Zen is applying new technologies and developing new products in this space. It is involved in indigenisation of technologies, which is beneficial to Indian Security Forces. It was the first Indian company to commercialise PC-based visual simulation technology for training simulators. It now offers firearms, tank, artillery, driving, mining, aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulators.

Tanks had been there for almost at 40-50 years such as T-72 and T-19. Till these are in use, requirement for simulators is there. We are building solutions based on the existing needs of the Indian Army. Earlier, simulators could only be made for aircraft, but through innovation, Zen could bring down the overall cost of simulators.

Atluri said, “Globally, defence organisations are looking for India developed products and solutions and this is giving a push to companies like ours. There is a greater acceptability for products made in India than before. We have clocked Rs 60 crore revenues last year and hope to do god business this year took. Every quarter can change the business outlook. We have achieved 50 per cent revenues from domestic and overseas last year.”

“We want to be the world’s most efficient training solutions provider cutting down the time taken for training. We want India to be the training partner for the world and Zen wants to be the facilitator of training solutions to the defence organisations globally,” he added.

The company operates a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. Its Research and Development (R&D) Division is recognised as an in-house R&D unit by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India.

Zen is coming out with a new R&D centre in Hyderabad. It has recently signed a MoU with University of Hyderabad and is focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. This new centre will focus on new product development and use of blockchain technology in defence sector.

The 250-member company is betting big on the Indian army opportunities in the supply of simulators currently estimated to be a Rs 8,000 crore opportunity. Zen wants to take a bigger pie of this.

Source: Defence News

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