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Sensors : A Integral part of Aviation Industry


Sensors have become the major part of automated devices. In aircraft also their presence cannot be neglected. The reliable feedback is required for a broad range of flight conditions with the status of equipment used to operate it and the wide range of sensors used to provide this information.

A wide range of different sensors used in aircraft. Pressure sensors monitor pressure in hydraulic systems, including those used for moving control surfaces, braking and raising and lowering landing gear. Temperature sensors play a key role in monitoring the conditions of hydraulic oils, fuels and refrigerants, as well as temperatures in environmental cooling systems. Liquid level sensors monitor oil, fuel and coolant levels, as well as fluid levels in portable and gray (waste) water reservoirs, collection sumps and hydraulic reservoirs. Flow sensors sense the amount of lubricating oil and liquid coolant in motion as well as fluid moving in fuel transfer and bleed air systems.

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