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Safeguarding Drones from enemy attacks by re-architecture software


In today’s era of connected devices cyber attacks have emerged as a major threat for devices and so as for Drones operating in combat. The growing insecurities for drones like jamming, hacking and interference have posed a threat more than an enemy at warfare. For safe guarding the drones, US army and Textron have come up with advancing new computer processing power to current drones operating ground stations in order to defend against the enemy.

The ground stations are enriched with new hardware in order to increase the computing power and accommodating new software architecture to secure drone control against hacking, interference and cyber-attacks. The new software is being designed version of older architecture in order to reduce the cost and to incorporate more technologies, thus new software will also safe guard from emerging cyber threats. The company will use an advanced army software called Future Airborne Capability Environment for efficient deployment of ground technologies.

The Textron’s Universal Ground Control Station (UGCS) is equipped with performance increasing software to secure drone controls and drone video feeds from hacking and jamming.

The team will continue to develop new software for coming years in order to safeguard the ground technology controls for drones used in combat. The re-architecture software is a part of the long run strategy for U.S army.

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