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All you need to know about Indian anti-satellite weapon A-SAT ‘Mission Shakti’


A low-orbit satellite was shot down by India through an Indian anti-satellite weapon A-SAT in an operation called Mission Shakti, which lasted for three minutes.

Mission Shakti has achieved a great place in the space power league. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the nation, announced about the India becoming the fourth country to execute a low-orbit satellite destruction in space.

Mission Shakti test

On 27th March, an anti-satellite missile test was conducted by India, named Mission Shakti. The missile test was conducted from Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Island launch complex. This technological mission was carried out by DRDO.

One of the India’s existing satellites operating in the lower orbit was used in the mission. The test succeeded well and achieved all the necessary parameters as per the plans. A very high degree of precision and technical capability was required in the test.

Through this successful mission, India has shown the capability to interdict and intercept a satellite in outer space based on complete indigenous technology.

India has joined an exclusive group of space-faring nations consisting of USA, Russia and China with this test.

Satellite used in the Mission Shakti test

The Mission Shakti used an Indian for the test, and the DRDO’s Ballistic Missile Defence interceptor was used, which is the part of the ongoing ballistic missile defence programme.

Kinetic Kill technology has been used by India in this mission. India has developed the capability in this technology. There is a constant evolution in the in the Space technologies, and India used the technology to achieve objectives set out in this mission.