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India Make Giant Strides in Laser Weaponry as DRDO Successfully Tests Laser System


Military development over the coming years has to be in tandem with advancements made in technology. And keeping up with the demands of the time, India’s premier defence R&D firm, DRDO recently carried out the testing of a state of the art, laser-based weapons’ system.

These weapons, also called Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs), are majorly used to destroy or damage enemy convoys, aircraft, and other anti-personnel weapons among other things. And at the heart of it all, lies unprecedented electronic circuitry.

Infact, this is not the first time that DRDO tested a laser-based weapon system. In August, the firm carried out the testing of a 1 KW laser system at Chitrdurga in Karnataka infront of then Defence Minister Arun Jaitley. The weapon was mounted on the back of a truck and it took a paltry 36 seconds to burn a hole in the metal sheet.

The initial signs of the testing done by the DRDO have been so promising infact that even private firms like the Kalyani Group and automobile giants Rolls Royce have tossed their name in the ring for the production of DEWs in India.

The next step on the road is to test a 2 KW DEW against a sheet of metal placed a kilometre away. If DRDO manages to successfully test the missile, the electronics of which are imported from Germany, it would be a welcome and groundbreaking addition to India’s armoury.

The fact of the matter is that India has engaged in the production of sophisticated laser weapons at the right juncture. Not only will these technologically advanced missile systems come to the nation’s aid in times of uncertainties, but will have the potential to end a war even before it begins.