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Chandrayaan-2 to face tough challenges: ISRO


The latest build-up, much awaited Chandrayaan-2 is to be launched between 9th July to 16th July this year. According to the officials of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Chandrayaan-2 has to overcome tough challenges while executing a soft landing of its rover Vikram, on the moon’s south pole.

According to the ISRO officials, the first challenge relates to maintaining the accuracy of the trajectory of the spacecraft, meaning Chandrayaan-2 must follow the designated path to the moon since the distance is 3,844 lakh kms.

The second challenge related to the deep space communication since radio signals are weak with heavy background noise which needs to be picked up by the large antennas.

The third challenge is the trans lunar injection and lunar capture, which means getting into the moon’s sphere of influence, which will be a critical manoeuvre as it has to be an extremely precise and accurate calculation.