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4U OpenVPX chassis for developing 3U VPX and OpenVPX embedded computing cards offered by Pixus


WATERLOO, Ontario. Pixus Technologies in Waterloo, Ontario, is introducing the 4U VPXD4500 OpenVPX embedded computing development chassis for the development of 3U VPX and OpenVPX cards.

The chassis features a five-slot OpenVPX backplane with a BKP3-DIS05-15.2.13-n profile per the VITA 65 specification. The distributed mesh backplane applies to a wide range of 3U OpenVPX boards, and the enclosure facilitates rear I/O access and rear transition module (RTM) connectors are optional in the system.

The 19-inch-wide 4U development platform comes with rubber feet for desktop applications, yet the unit also is rack-mountable. A 350-Watt AC power supply is standard and offers typical 3U VPX voltages of 3.3, 5, and 12 volts, as well as plus-or-minus 12 volts AUX and 3.3 volts AUX. Other backplane and PSU options are available.


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