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NuWaves unfolds Linear bidirectional amplifier for S-band OFDM radios


NuWaves 5 June 2015NuWaves Ltd. in Middletown, Ohio unveils the NuPower Xtender 12E06A RF amplifier for S-band orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) radios inunmanned vehicles.

  • The linear bidirectional amplifier (BDA) measures 4 by 2 by 0.65 inches and has a ruggedized aluminum chassis for use in a wide variety of small aerial, sea, and ground-based platforms, including small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS).
  • The small and lightweight device is for OFDM transceivers with mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) and/or multi-input and several-output (MIMO) technology.
  • The Xtender 12E06A bidirectional amplifier operates across the 1980-to-2500 MHz range and generates 12 Watts of RF power for QPSK modulated signals, 6.3 Watts for 16QAM, and 2.5 Watts for 64QAM.

With 25 dB of RF transmit gain and 12 dB of receive gain, the Xtender 12E06A bidirectional amplifier is designed to operate seamlessly with several commercially available OFDM transceivers.

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