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Aspects of Pulse Detonation


Pulse Detonation is a promising technology for propulsion applications.  They offer higher fuel efficiency with respect to gas turbine engine while its design is much simpler than it.  In Detonation combustion waves travel at supersonic speeds relative to unburnt fuel-oxidizer mixture.  Fuel-oxidiser mixture used to produce thrust by repetitive detonations.

When we talk about avionics, detonation requires a very large input energy which is not possible to provide with this technique. Worldwide deflagration to detonation transition concept is used for avionics because of detonation it becomes difficult to provide a large amount of energy. In detonation deflagration to detonation transition mode is initiated by initiating flame kernel by introducing very low energy spark in fuel-mixture and then transition this flame to detonation front.

Pulse detonation is simple and flexible. It is cost effective due to fuel efficiency and less moving parts. Its application areas include unmanned aerial vehicles and missile propulsion.

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